MarieForleoQuoteInclined Creative is, by design, half nuts & bolts and half inspiration.

With our clients and with other designers, we aim for the entire exchange and experience to be productive and practical, as well as challenging and inspiring. This absolutely doesn’t mean it’s always easy- in fact, pushing ourselves and others out of the comfort zones we like to hang out in… well, it’s not always a cake walk. But if we push through, amazing things happen we didn’t know we were capable of!

Having mentors and partners who truly want the best for us can be a huge advantage. These people will tell us when they know we can do better, support us when we’re in a slump and push us when we’re holding back.

Who Gives You a Boost?

So I ask you today to share with me- who inspires you to feel the fear and do it anyway? A pastor or coach? An extraordinary blogger or go-getter CEO? Is there someone who you can look to and say- “Look, they’re doing it, maybe I can too?”

One of my top three inspirations online is Marie Forleo. Her content is consistently incredible, her brand is perfectly crafted, and her positive message is loud and clear. Plus, she’s doesn’t take anything too seriously. If you don’t already follow her, make it happen today. You’ll be in for a treat.

Check out her awesome article where I found this quote.