Love Who You Are

Spread The Love We really can't give too much love and support to the girls (of all ages) in our lives. What a confusing, beautiful, crazy roller-coaster ride it is to be a girl! I love the brilliant team at CompendiumĀ for putting together this collection of fresh, positive little writings, and simple, lovely illustrations to

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Success Is Not Easy

I'm so grateful for sites like workisnotajob and workawesome. They supportĀ me in this dream of living life outside the box. My dream life has become more and more practical with time- it still consists of working hard, taking lots of time for self care, and making spirituality a priority every single day.

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Quirky Movies You Might Just Like

These are not necessarily from an independent studio, and I can't tell you that you'll love them all. I obviously have offbeat and sometimes dark taste in movies, but some other people out there have similar taste to mine. This is for those who don't mind venturing out of the blockbuster arena with an open

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